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Blood Makes Noise Management isn't about me....I don't give a rats arse about making the headlines.

As a businessman I operate purely as a means to an end, a conduit to what really matters, artistes and their music.

Stevie Barr - Artist Manager

In the music industry, you should never lament contacting twenty people and only hearing back from three. You should celebrate never having to work with the other seventeen ever again.

Stevie Barr - Artist Manager

James Bennett

James Bennett comes armed with a raw roots rock sound that encompasses pain, hope and passion. His stylings are immersed in a mix of Dylanquest homage, combined with the power of the written word and the might of his guitar.

The Shoeys

The Shoeys hail from Bathurst NSW. Their style is a "Teen Angst Punk Pop" blitz taken from the great tradition of U.K. legends The Jam and The Undertones. Combined with a leaning towards local Oz style of Sticky Fingers and Dole Rock Supremos "Eddie Current Suppression Ring".

Jemma Nicole

Jemma is an Americana/Badlands songstress hailing from Melbourne Australia. Her music is an unapologetic exploration of what menace lies beneath. Her atmospheric vocals are a filthy mix of bayou balladeering with a taste of vigilante.

James Van Cooper

Mr Van Cooper is a young Australian Alt/ Americana troubadour. His elegant and dark musings are achingly sublime. His thoughts and feelings flowing like a river.

Ella Fence

Award winning musician Ella Fence, is a young female singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist hailing from the South Eastern Queensland region of Australia. Ella came to the attention of the local and international music world when her debut single of 2016 “Hunter” was ordained by Spotify arbiters as song of extraordinary beauty.

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