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James Bennett

James Bennett is a 25 year old Newcastle based singer songwriter. His most recent record Run With The Hunted is a blend of 70's revivalist rock and folk music. At a time when the world can seem swollen with false acclaim James' album has faith in common sense and humanity. On his recent trip to the States, James collaborated with some of LA's most accomplished young and sort after studio "guns" including renowned LA music producer Scott Campbell who is the long time musical collaborator of Producer Glenn Ballard. Campbell was responsible for the technical talent behind the desk on James' new record. Scott's production credits include, Katy Perry, Alanis Morissette and Stevie Nicks.

Run With The Hunted is heavily atmospheric , its a movable feast, constantly shifting in moods. The opening track "Remedy" introduces the listener to the record and establishes a tone but not a style. For instance "Fake Feathers" the first single from the record is a quirky romp, other songs on the album morph into the melancholy with tracks like "Giants" softening proceedings. Run With The Hunted has understated delicate tracks as well as straight out four to the floor Rock N Roll, case in point "Deal With It". There's even frantic, manic moments like "Clear As Mud". The album also takes emotional cues from recording in the USA. There's unashamed moments of homesickness combined with the sheer excitement and raw energy of being in Los Angeles which is the most inspiring music city in the world. Run With The Hunted is a record about life's rich pageantry.

Born in Byron Bay, James Bennett moved deep into the remote mountainous wilderness of the NSW hinterland at only six months old. His family set up a makeshift camp 80kms outside the nearest town of Lismore. In the isolated backwater, Bennett lived a solitary existence off the grid with virtually no contact with civilisation for the next decade.

James eventually moved to Port Macquarie and is now based in Newcastle. Touring relentlessly, he has developed a legion of fans who are enamored with his naturally gifted voice, self taught guitar and mesmerising lyrics.

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