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10 Things About Stevie Barr

 1) After a surfing trip to Mexico and Central America in 2011 Stevie contracted The Swine Flu becoming the 78th person in Australia to be hospitalised with the virus,easily cementing his place in the first ever Oz Top 100 Swine Flu diagnosis 

2) He has undergone surgery for breaking over 20 bones (including his back) and having some 200 stitches.

3) He once had a pistol pointed at him, after rendering assistance to an armed robbery victim.When asked to go through mug shots at the police station to identify the perpetrator he spotted a photo of himself in the crime files. 

4) He has worked for 12 Music Companies in 30 years in the combined fields of Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Advertising and Media. The labels include; Warner/ RCA/ Polygram / Phonogram / Decca / MCA / Geffen / Larrikin (Aus) / Festival (Aus) / Spitfire (Aus) / BMG and Universal Music. 

5) Stevie has written a book that is housed in the Australian National Library and the NSW Mitchell Library. 

6) Stevie Barr has met with the creator of NCIS TV show Mr Donald Bellisario, who in the 1960's served in the marines with Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald in 1963 assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Stevie also knows former manager of The Doors and Van Morrison,Mr Bill Siddons,who in 1967 dated Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, ex Manson family member. In 1975 Fromme would add further to her infamy by attempting to assassinate the then US President Gerald Ford. 

7) He once smashed open a glass cabinet in 6 Star Malaysian Hotel and that housed the Polo Mallet of The Sultan Of Brunei and played air guitar with it (those were the days).

8) He can name every city that's hosted The Modern Summer Olympics 

9) He's kissed The God Father Of Soul James Brown.

10) As a teenager caddied in  PGA tournaments for three Golfers that between them accumulated 10 British Open victories : Mr Peter Thomson, Kel Nagle and Bobby Locke.


Shot of James Van Cooper and I with the incomparable Bill Siddons wedged between us. Bill masterminded the careers of The Doors , CSN&Y as well as Van Morrison and Jackson Browne.

Stevie Barr and James Van Cooper backstage at Shooter Jennings show, LA. 

Backstage with Americana/Alt Country Darling Ms Jaime Wyatt

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