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Ella Fence

Award winning musician Ella Fence, is a young female singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist hailing from the South Eastern Queensland region of Australia. Ella came to the attention of the local and international music world when her debut single of 2016 “Hunter” was ordained by Spotify arbiters as song of extraordinary beauty. The song debut on Spotify curators list FEMME FATALE, triumphantly aligned Ella with artistes like Fiona Apple and Civil Wars. Her second single “Cigarettes and Red Wine” was also met with high regard from Spotify. This track featured on INDIE/WESTERN a collection of dark noir performers including Father John Misty and Jack Whites “Racounteers”.

Her new body of work in Ella’s own words is described as “baroque electro pop”, rich in imagery and lyrical detail. Ella documents a sometimes elegant but more often wounded world, bridging joy and grief. Ella is an accomplished guitarist and piano/keys player.

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